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2019 Final Score and 2020 Targets

A review of my plan for 2020 and a update on the 2019 plan

Painting wise a very tough year with the study going upstairs, coming down, and now being used as the TV room:-

A very low number considering 2019's 170+

Darkest Africa
WW2 British
WW2 Japanese
WW2 Germans


I also started work on the third batch of Jungle terrain, rebased my Fantasy adventurers so all bases are consistent, block painted my Colonial Belgiums, and built the WW2 Japanese army and a squad of Germans.

I did not manage to avoid any new projects. Adding the Japanese was somewhat a surprise but is jungle based so a lot of terrain is ready.

2020 Targets

1) Darkest Africa Belgium's for MWWBK and DITDK, mostly based coated.

2) Schedule some painting for my Fantasy stuff. I would like to do an old school army, either Undead (no Purchases needed) or Chaos beastmen.

3) Complete my Japanese and German Chain of Command Armies, including the armour and supports (still to buy for Germans)

4) Dungeon terrain. I have started the adventures camp from Otherworld and need to work through the two boxes of mantic Dungeon and City Terrain

5) No new projects, although, Egyptians for the Sudan, 70s africa, Pulp, 15mm AK47, Cold War Hot, Zulu Wars including Boars are all still calling me. I have actually started saving for the Egyptians but it will be them or Ancients for 2021 unless I change my mind.

6) continue to sell the excess 

2019 - Just how close did I get to the targets

1) Darkest Africa Belgium's for MWWBK and DITDK.

All the figures are block painted but not yet finishedAdventurers camp was completed but the Mantic stuff remains untouched.Very little done.Still are but I avoided them all. However I did slip into buying WW2 Japs and starting on WW2 Jerries to face my British/Yanks.

2) Dungeon terrain. I still need to work through the two boxes of mantic Dungeon and City Terrain

Barely touched

3) Perhaps some Modern Z's or even some Sci Fi figures.

Modern Zs bought and painted up the Walking Dead starter set but still have a fair few to paint. I also re based them so they are now consistent

4) Plan and play a game of Otherworld skirmish and the overdue Strange Aeon.

Nope - 3 years and counting.

5) Post at least 12 updates on this blog in 2019


7) No new projects, although, Egyptions for the Sudan, 70s africa, Pulp, 15mm AK47, Cold War Hot are all calling me

and still are but I did go fro WW2 Japanese

8) continue to sell the excess including in all likelihood my huge WOTR collection.

WOTR collection now sold

2019 Games included

Medieval using Lion Rampant Rules

6mm Napoleonic

Arabs Vs Slavers, using Men Who Would Be King

WW2 Desert, homebrew rules

ECW, Pike-mans Lament

WW2 Chain of Command


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