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2019 Final Score and 2020 Targets

A review of my plan for 2020 and a update on the 2019 plan Painting wise a very tough year with the study going upstairs, coming down, and now being used as the TV room:- A very low number considering 2019's 170+ 2019 Darkest Africa 11 WW2 British 12 WW2 Japanese 1 WW2 Germans 1 Fantasy 11 Saxons 2 Terrain 13 51 I also started work on the third batch of Jungle terrain, rebased my Fantasy adventurers so all bases are consistent, block painted my Colonial Belgiums, and built the WW2 Japanese army and a squad of Germans. I did not manage to avoid any new projects. Adding the Japanese was somewhat a surprise but is jungle based so a lot of terrain is ready. 2020  Targets 1) Darkest Africa Belgium's for MWWBK and DITDK, mostly based coated. 2) Schedule some painting for my Fantasy stuff. I would like to do an old school army, either Undead (no Purchases needed) or Chaos beastmen. 3) Complete my Japanese and German Ch

New set of Mordheim Buildings

Last month I finished off my second set of GW Mordheim buildings. Both sets now complete, just need to get around to playing some games.