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Long Time Since An Update

Project Zulu was cancelled as the order never arrived and I got distracted with other projects and cancelled the order. Still tempted however

Looking at the positive

But since cancelling the project I did finish my 15mm PITs British Foot army and purchased the dervishes who are based and some even partially painted, should be able to knock these out once I get going

Other painting this year has included a couple of Parrom Station Miniatures Martians bought 3 years ago at Salute.

In total the first quarter was only 35 figures including;-

Perry Miniature Mahdi, pack donkeys and adventurers for Darkest Africa and a few Chinese for BOB.

Hopefully get some figures up soon.

I went to the Tunbridge show and bought a few pieces of terrain and have also purchased Too Much for the Mahdi plus osprey books on the Russians and Chinese

Looking at the negative

A quarter of the year gone by an I still have not fixed in my mind one single project that I want to throw cash and time into, the deci…