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2013 Update

Otherworld Hook Horror
Somehow I have not posted any figure updates this year, despite my aim to post once a month.

This year I have painted 53 figures but the volume has dropped off and only 1 this month so far due to real life getting in the way including plenty of work travel and a holiday in Turkey..

For this blog we have:-


4 Troglodytes
8 Spiders
6 Adventurer
2 Skeleton
1 Citadel Lamia
1 Hook Horror
1 Storm Giant
1 Giant LIzard
2 Were rats
3 Otherworld adventurers


5 Cthulhu Creature
12 Cthulhu Adventurers

On the darkest Africa front I have a very small amount:-

1 Gun Bearer
2 Masai
4 Maddhists

So a few Otherworld adventurers and other pictures to make up for some missed.

Otherworld Dwarf Mercenary 
 Otherworld Human Illusionist Otherworld Pack Pony Feeder  An old School Citadel Illusionist  Otherworld Werewolf  Otherworld WereBoar  Otherworld Wererat  Otherworld Wererat