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Otherworld Figures

Just a few more figures painted this year.

Ants for the Antmaster

Just finished off the Otherworld giant ants.

These figures are quite fragile (I snapped off one leg and an antenna) as they need the legs and antennas stuck on to the body which is not as hard as it looks, but requires some patience.

The bases were a quandary, dungeon or out door. I eventually opted for outdoors with some rocks as I may also use these with may Darkest Africa stuff.

Colour was quite simple, first I painted the underside GW Verrmin brown then a heavy wash of GW Agrax Nightshade. I then repeated the process for the top half.

This left me with fully painted ants but to improve (hopefully) the look, I highlighted the top only with GW Vermin Brown followed by a lighter highlight of GW Vermin Brown mixed with white.

Eye's are GW Regal blue with a highlight of Enchanted blue.

Then add some flock and job done.

Update end of Q1

This is posted a lot later than originally intended. So far I have stuck reasonably to the plan raised in December with the following painted to end of March.

1 COC Byakhee 23 Darkest Africa – Mainly Masai
10 US WW2 Yanks – The remainder have base coats just need finishing.
29DnD creatures include a couple of terrain pieces

63 Total
No zombies but that is not a surprise, started to get distracted on a few side projects such as moderns (africa), and 1980's cold war gone hot, but to date I have resisted.

To end of June I am aiming for more of the same with Masai and WW2 yanks mixed in with some fantasy stuff (Demon, slimes and jellies and Ants are ready to go with the bases completed).

I also invested in another set of Otherworld miniatures (including the ants) and took delivery of the balance of the kickstarter so a fair bit to paint so that's my annual figure purchases made, well at least to Selwg unless I fail my save vs shiney.

Now if only I can avoid that Toyota Technical from E…

The Helping Hand Challenge (repost)

A repost of  a challnege set up by Duke of the Blood Keep and Minis by Finch which I intend on joining in.

Both sites are excellent insperation for old school gaming and painting, and on with the repsot:-

For those who don’t know about Minis by Finch, it’s an excellent site full of beautifully painted minis by a chap called Finch. We’ve both admired each others work for years and I thought it would be cool to do something together, so I came up with the Helping Hand Challenge. Our aim is to paint one miniature from Otherworld’s DAB 4 boxset a month starting in June 2014 and finishing in May 2015. However, we’d like to spread the love and open this challenge out to other bloggers too, so here are the rules: You must own the DAB4 Boxset You must own a blog You must paint one miniature a month in the order shown below You must post your results on the last day of each month You must include a link to each other participating blog That’s it. This is the order: June Porter
July Mule Ha…