Ants for the Antmaster

Just finished off the Otherworld giant ants.

These figures are quite fragile (I snapped off one leg and an antenna) as they need the legs and antennas stuck on to the body which is not as hard as it looks, but requires some patience.

The bases were a quandary, dungeon or out door. I eventually opted for outdoors with some rocks as I may also use these with may Darkest Africa stuff.

Colour was quite simple, first I painted the underside GW Verrmin brown then a heavy wash of GW Agrax Nightshade. I then repeated the process for the top half.

This left me with fully painted ants but to improve (hopefully) the look, I highlighted the top only with GW Vermin Brown followed by a lighter highlight of GW Vermin Brown mixed with white.

Eye's are GW Regal blue with a highlight of Enchanted blue.

Then add some flock and job done.


Michael Awdry said…
Very nice indeed! Lovely job Sir.

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