Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Final Headcount

Last post for the year in total I have managed 154 figures, virtually three every week despite a lot of travel with work (over 20 outbound flights this year). I also managed to mainly stick to projects in hand and not buy many figures.

I have the otherworld miniatures indiegogo figures but still waiting the second batch. I love these figures and would have bought more if not put off by the delays with the indiegogo delivery.

So totals for the year are:-

Call Of Cthulhu
Darkest Africa
Modern Zombies
Fantasy RPG

The call of cthulhu stuff is mainly 1920's adventurers which I finished off, but also include a few monsters, pictures will follow.
Gaiming wise apart from SEEMS I played in 6-8 games including WW2 skirmish using the TWAT rules and a Sudan TSATF, which I negected to take pictures of.
For 2014, I have a few projects, which I should finish off, that do not require any cash investment:-

1) Saxon warband for Saga . These can also be used for FRP as generic humans so should get cone.

2) Remainder of WW2 Yanks. Not really certain why I started these but I should aim to polish them off.

3) Modern Zombies, I have a whole stack of these painted and a load more ready to go (undercoated) so should be a quick finish.

4) More Masai, really would like to get these done but my enthusiasm waxes and wans

5) More Fantasy stuff, thinking of completing an A to Z of the DnD original monster Manuel, plus of course Mordheim and other WHFB stuff.

New Projects tempting me, which would require an investment:-

1) VBCW loads of nice stuff out there, but I own nothing.

2) AK47 I have painted a base of this up but have rsisited furthur temptation.

3) ECW skirmish, maybe mixed with horror. I have around 40 figures to be getting on wiht so maybe.

4) A unit of UNIT for Dr Who, just because I fancy it using the Gripping Beast MOFO figures,

5) 30-40 Union for skirmishing my Reb's
Anyway all the best for the new year.


Monday, 30 December 2013

3 Monsters (including another manticore)

Some recent painting

Otherworld Manticore

Otherworld Shambling Mound

And finally a Dungeons and Dragons collectors series resin Purple Worm, which I perfer to the Otherworld ones

Monday, 9 December 2013

Manticore Repaint

I recently decided to strip down an old citadel Manticore figure and repaint it.

After looking at the figure I decide that the base colour was fine.

To improve the paint job I washed the figure with citadel devlin wash, then highlighted with Vallejo Tan Yellow and added black to the tail and main.

The original base was bland so I created a new one using pieces of flint picked up while walking the dog.

I think that it is a considerable improvement over the original, which hardly looks like the same figure,


Sunday, 16 June 2013

2013 Update

Otherworld Hook Horror

Somehow I have not posted any figure updates this year, despite my aim to post once a month.

This year I have painted 53 figures but the volume has dropped off and only 1 this month so far due to real life getting in the way including plenty of work travel and a holiday in Turkey..

For this blog we have:-


4 Troglodytes
8 Spiders
6 Adventurer
2 Skeleton
1 Citadel Lamia
1 Hook Horror
1 Storm Giant
1 Giant LIzard
2 Were rats
3 Otherworld adventurers


5 Cthulhu Creature
12 Cthulhu Adventurers

On the darkest Africa front I have a very small amount:-

1 Gun Bearer
2 Masai
4 Maddhists

So a few Otherworld adventurers and other pictures to make up for some missed.

Otherworld Dwarf Mercenary 

 Otherworld Human Illusionist
Otherworld Pack Pony Feeder
 An old School Citadel Illusionist
 Otherworld Werewolf
 Otherworld WereBoar
 Otherworld Wererat
 Otherworld Wererat