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A question of hit points

Recent articles on HP in DND next have stated that they are a mix of, Physical ability, experience and luck and cosmic karma.

This is something that I have been giving a lot of thought on for a number of years as my rpg group in general does not like the loads of hit points school of playing. In particular we nearly always use mooks with low levels of hit pots for most npc. In general only one or two htis are needed to knock them out of the fight.

My current thought on DnD hit points is that the additional hit points above constitution are basically a buffer, allowing the pc to absorb damage, certainly because of experience and skill in line with the dnd next rules. This means that those hits are not actual physical just numerous small nicks and scratches have started to take their toll, just like Conan in the books, or equivilent to using a Fate Point each time you are hit.

The key would appear to be what happens when a ch…

(Not so) Secret Avengers (review)

Caveat, I am a big Avengers fan.

Anyway I recently picked up a batch of secret Avengers 1-15 for around £1/issue. The premise is that Steve Rogers (no longer Captain America) brings together a group of avengers for secret missions. Key members are Back Widow, Ant Man, Moon Knight, War Machine (blocks the comms channels), Valkyrie , Beast, Prince of Orphans (a new one for me) with guests by Nova (very subtle hero here) and Shang Chi. Although I have enjoyed these it has struck me that there are several things wrong with how it is written. 1)There is too much fighting, in the open, using loud weapons (War Machine is a member) 2)The missions do not really use the skill set of the key characters, or focus on the type of missions you would expect given the premise. Antman is used a bit, Moon Knight uses a disguise but beyond that its really point and hit. 3)There is little characterisation, the characters do not really interact and there is very little growth. The fear itself crossovers wh…

Song of Fire and Ice RPG and Mr Gygax

Given my interest interest in low fantasy including the Joe Abercrombie books and the quandry I have over rules. Runequest too deadly, AD&D 4th too magic focus, AD&D 3rd too many hit points and the reluctance of players to run with earlier D&D editions, I wonder if this would be worth picking up?

Mind you having just read a November 1979 article from Dragon called Books are books, games are games, by Gygax who states 'that the ring triology is quite unsatisfactory as a setting for a faatasy adventure game' and the 'best one can come up with is a series of of variations ...the reenactment' (of the novels).

He also says 'What AD&D player would find it interesting to play a wizard of Gandolf like proportions'

Having played Wheel of Time, MERP, Call of Cthulhu, Conan, Elric, Hawkmoon, StarWars, WHFRP this is not my experience but then it was 1979.

Now I know I am doing it worng

A video of someones collection picked up as I have been looking at the dwarven forge stuff again

Otherworld Werebear

Completed resonably quickly as mainly drybrushed fur.


Can not seem to get the right colour for my skeletons. Heres some I have painted recently of various vintage going back to an early citadel release.Some of them are the old Maruader miniatures range

FTS10 Skeleton hacking with Sword

Rackham MIniatures Skeleton