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Cthulhu Adventures

I have quite a few cthulhu based miniatures which I have collected and painted over the last few years. Still have a few to paint but this page will follow the progress of my 1920's horror work.

I have several sets of rules for the period especially if you add the RPG's which can easily work with desktop. I have have followed the development of the Strange Aeons rules with interest but had been put off by the high postage rates from the US, but now I note that they are available from the UK and have propelled themselves to the top of my wish list.


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Some Norkers

Some old Citadel Miniatures Fiend Folio AD&D Norkers

A corpse of Vampires

Back before it was trendy I loved Vampires, the scary, evil serial killer types. Not your more modern shiny, vegetarian reformed serial killer types who have human girlfriends and deny their true nature. Think Salam's Lot, Dracula, Anno Dracula, 30 Days of Nights, Let the right one in, I am legend (which I must re-read), Martin the vampire, Ultraviolet, Near Dark, Byzantium, and perhaps the early Anne Rice stuff.

So over the years I seemed to have amassed and painted a few starting back with the original citadel FF58 - Vampire through to more modern such as Otherworld Miniatures more recent UD10 - Vampire.

I still have a few unpainted (in fact some still blister packed) but what follows is a gallery of the ones done to date.

New set of Mordheim Buildings

Last month I finished off my second set of GW Mordheim buildings. Both sets now complete, just need to get around to playing some games.