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Cthulhu Adventures

I have quite a few cthulhu based miniatures which I have collected and painted over the last few years. Still have a few to paint but this page will follow the progress of my 1920's horror work.

I have several sets of rules for the period especially if you add the RPG's which can easily work with desktop. I have have followed the development of the Strange Aeons rules with interest but had been put off by the high postage rates from the US, but now I note that they are available from the UK and have propelled themselves to the top of my wish list.


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Some Norkers

Some old Citadel Miniatures Fiend Folio AD&D Norkers

WOTR Army for sale

I have a large Front Rank/Perry collection of WOTR figures including a batch of weapons packs.

Figure count (may be off by one or two) is:-

Mounted Pike           6
Mounted command       8
Knight no Horse4
Foot Knights/Comand 14
Pike        40

14 Mounted and 281 on foot (including the horseless knights).

I think retail is around £400 and I am looking for £300 which includes shipping and paypal fees.

Not willing to split at first but if they don't go I may split them into 4 batches.

New set of Mordheim Buildings

Last month I finished off my second set of GW Mordheim buildings. Both sets now complete, just need to get around to playing some games.