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A mixed bag

A week gone by. Starship troopers have arrived but I have done nothing with it except open the box. Have painted the base colours on most of my PITS figures (paint ran out : ( ) , plus a few red coats/blue trousers, just got to work out what is the best bulk painting method for these.

Did one test paint of a WW2 British, is ok if not a little too dark for my tastes, this could be the black undercoat or that I am mixing the colours too dark to start with, need to experiment.

Also painted up the base colours for my Back Of Beyond Chinese executioners and may well finish painting up them before doing much else. These are using the new lighter base colour scheme rather than my usual colours.

Once I paint these, the commanders and Russian command may go for an army, cavalry first, this period just keeps calling too me.

Probably 2-3 hours spent on miniatures this week.

On impulse bought Stalingrad by Antony Beevor and am very impressed so far, if it’s as good throughout I will certainly be …

No Zombies Done but did go to SELWG

Next to no painting done for over a week. Went to Selwg over the weekend which was good as usual although once again seemed to be fewer people there and this year it was only on tow floors. Bought a number of pieces of painted terrain, including a 25mm Church, Barricades for Mordhiem and 3 15mm far east buildings fro Patrols in the sudan.

Was also tempted by some lovely 25mm Colonial flags but at £4 each felt they were just a bit too expensive.

I did try to avoid buying figures but fell into the trap of finally buying some 25mm Bolt Action Miniatures ww2 British, which I based this morning.

Target over the next week or so is to paint up the WW2 British and return to the PITS British, who’s original target date for completion was end October.

Monday Morning Update

Not too much time spent over the weekend, mainly due to DIY distractions. Did manage to finish the Mordheim buildings and have mostly finished the bases for the last set of trees that I have that are not based. Once this is done all the terrain I have will be fully painted. At SELWG aim will be to buy some Middle East buildings which I will paint up ASAP.
So I now need to make a decision on what I am going to get up to next.
Obvious choices are to finish the 2 Cold Wars Zombies I still have and to base and undercoat the Masai.
If I get starship troopers the bugs will be near the top of any list.
Pics of jungle and Mordheim town will go up soon.

An Update - Last post got lost

Not done too much in way of gaming. Finished off a few more jungle terrain area’s and toyed with buying some GW jungle terrain as I am finding it difficult to find anyone who is supplying decent alternatives. The £20 price is daunting.

Still being tempted by Starship Trooper miniatures game and might have sourced a cheap copy, fingers crossed.

Darkest Africa

My Masai now own spears as I managed to get a batch of ebay. Only problem is now I have 42 more figures to paint. Will probably buy the Masai village from Grand Manner at Selwg

Club Game

Play ACW the other night in an interesting defensive position which was difficult to hold. Fortunately the British held their scots back superbly but when breaching the second defensive position did not get enough men in support and with the aid of our unusually effective Militia we managed to hold and win the game.


Target this weekend is to finish off the Mordheim Buildings, probably 2-3 hours work.