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Otherworld Bugbears

Painted a few months ago, hopefully a better picture to follow.

Avengers Assemble 1

About time I got around to these repaints of some heroclix figures I picked up some time ago. I have been a big fan of the Avengers since the early eighties and am only missing a few issues of the original series. Unfortunately the ones I am missing are the ones that cost the most.
I black wash the prepainted heroclix figure. Then base coat the colour I intend on using and highlight up. Still takes me around an hour.

They are based on a mix of pieces of slate (picked up off the road) and some filler. I was trying to get the impression hulk had just smashed into the ground from a jump.
I painted the base while the undercoat was drying (I was impatient), effectively blending the colours I dry brushed on together.
So first off the Incredible Hulk Then Iron Man in a latter armour, I would prefer an earlier armour but am prepared to wait until the price is right.

Finally an old John Constantine figure (from Black Cat) with the hulk giving him some needed muscle (for scale).

Junta – Game review – a blast from the past

We have not played Junta for > 15 years and it was perhaps unsurprising how well it held up, given  the good memories of old games. In the old days when we played this game it was always fun but seemed to take an age to get finished. Particularly  during a coup  which always took at least an hour to complete. After this game we realised that perhaps part of this was due to the people we used to play with and their slow, methodical approach to decision making during a board game.
The rules were easily remembered and  although I am certain we made a few mistakes came back quite quickly. What with assassinations, bribes, 2 coups attempts, both successful, but one turncoat rebel spoiling the impact of the first one, occurring within 2 hours the game was a resounding success. To  cap it all after the initial jibes about not having any cash in my Swiss bank account and being assassinated for at least the first four turns I ended up winning.  I will take this victory even i…