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Otherworld Eye of Terror

Painted in line with the Duke of the Bloodkeep tutorial,

Mordheim Necromancer, undead halfling and Duck

Just a few pictures of some recent painting.

The Mordehime necromancer as part of the Mordheim undead warband I am finishing off. I received this as a gift from Mark of the Level 2 Blog.

Followed by an Otherwold undead Halfling. This si the final one of the 3 undead non human Otherworld currently produce, again to be used for the mordheim warband. However these 3 figures are significantly smaller than the mix of GW and Westwind I am using for the remainder of the warband. 

Finally an old Runequest Duck painted on behalf of Mark. I think he looks better in the flesh. He is so small that he is almost a 15mm miniature.