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Warlords FLGS

I have been organising a number of my old magazines and I happened upon this advert for the opening of Warlords Games shop in White Dwarf number 31, dated, June/July 1982.

This was not my first White Dwarf, the oldest I still own is issue 22 which survives coverless but otherwise intact. Interestingly WD 22 this has a review of games day 1980 which I am fairly certain I attended, but being so long ago I am unsure. I certainly attend two back then at the Royal Horticultural Society hall, one of which I fairly certain ran a huge roman chariot racing game, it was there that I remember buying the D&D PHB shortly after it came out.

Most of my early games were bought mail order via, Games Workshop in Dalling Road (I visited the actual shop once in the early 80’s), Games of Liverpool or Esdevium games (A shop I used to visit regularly when I lived in Reading). However back then I did not have a bank account and had to pester my mum for a cheque or pay extra for a postal order. 

This w…


Mark in his Level 2 Blog  has been commenting on the need for a Minotaur for his Mordheim Beatman warband.
I have 3 of varying sizes,
An old citadel Runequest Minotaur painted when I was 16-18 (it was advertised April 1982) and which will be stripped down and repainted as I work my way through the lead pile.  It was about this time that I first started to build up a collection of fantasy figures with the intention of running a dungeon something I am now close to since I bought the Dwarven Forge terrain.

The second is the otherworld Minotaur posted separately (but included in the group shot).
The third is my Beastman Minotaur Lord from around 2004, which I believe was subsequently known as a Doombull which was painted a few years ago along with a few older beastmen. I did buy a plastic box set of Beastmen  and two chaos hounds with the intention of inlcuding this Minotaur in a Mordheim warband but in excess of 5 years later I am still not finished.

Together you certainly get an indica…