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Otherworld Ghouls

Painted on the back of a colour suggestions from a GW employee, but underocated white for a change. Bases are resin castings bought of the web.

Otherworld Kobolds and other

A photo update of the kobolds completed over the last two weeks, depite being away working in Paris for 3 days and two trips to London.

 Plus a previously painted, Minataur, Owlbear and Demon

Been Busy

Over the last two weeks I have been very busy so the hobby side has hit the back burner.
I have been working on some bases for my studio miniatures zombies. I am currently filing the bases supplied with model clay which hardens in 24hrs and either marking some groves to represent paving slabs or topping with sand to represent ash felt. The Z is then removed from his slotta tab and pinned to the base before undercoating.

Additionally I have been painting up some otherworld Kobolds which I built and based some time ago. The figures were stuck to the usual slotta base and then the base was covered with non branded wall filler. I then cut some random groves in the base to represent stone work before undercoating.
The figures are quite nice but come with separate hands/arms and can be quite fiddly to stick together.
Mark (wardy-la) mentioned he liked this figure so here’s a painted version done some time ago
. I have also taken delivery of a bag of Cthulhu and plan on painting a few of these up …