Sunday, 26 June 2011

Otherworld Ghouls

Painted on the back of a colour suggestions from a GW employee, but underocated white for a change. Bases are resin castings bought of the web.

Otherworld Kobolds and other

 A photo update of the kobolds completed over the last two weeks, depite being away working in Paris for 3 days and two trips to London.

 Plus a previously painted, Minataur, Owlbear and Demon

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Citadel Fine Cast and WHFB

Bob bought down one of the GW resin fine cast figures to the SEEMS club, which although well painted did not look like it was worth the £10 retail. Certainly I did not see enough extra detail to excite my interest. Incidentally he proved the non shaterability of the figure by nonchalantly throwing onto the table (covered by a thin cloth). I was glad to say it survived.

Unfortunately they ran a game of Orcs Vs Elves, looked like the elves won quite easily. I say unfortunately as I was tempted once again to the dark side, I must resist, to finish of my empire (or undead) and play this game, which I have enjoyed for a number of years.

Been Busy

Over the last two weeks I have been very busy so the hobby side has hit the back burner.

I have been working on some bases for my studio miniatures zombies. I am currently filing the bases supplied with model clay which hardens in 24hrs and either marking some groves to represent paving slabs or topping with sand to represent ash felt. The Z is then removed from his slotta tab and pinned to the base before undercoating.

Additionally I have been painting up some otherworld Kobolds which I built and based some time ago. The figures were stuck to the usual slotta base and then the base was covered with non branded wall filler. I then cut some random groves in the base to represent stone work before undercoating.

The figures are quite nice but come with separate hands/arms and can be quite fiddly to stick together.

Mark (wardy-la) mentioned he liked this figure so here’s a painted version done some time ago

I have also taken delivery of a bag of Cthulhu and plan on painting a few of these up (eventually?)