Monday, 19 December 2011

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

So having now painted a fair number of fantasy figures there is a need to start to work out how they could be used. Mordheim initially springs to mind with a solid background and some nice terrain already build. My original plan was to use the figures as part of a D&D game but this still looks a long way off.

With my thoughts returning to old school gaming I have been toying with gladiatorial battles perhaps using the fantasy trip or one of the early old school games. This has now come around to possibly using 3rd (or 2nd) edition warhammer fantasy battle. 
These early rule sets certainly cover most of the creatures that I was thinking of using and of course I already own the rules. For 3rd edition I have the rulebook, siege, army lists and slaves to darkness. So plenty to be getting on with. I also have the box and booklet for Terror of the Lichemaster but the cardboard figures and most of the buildings are long gone.

However I do really like the later editions of WHFB, with a lot of fond memories occasionally wining with undead or empire when using 6th edition. Would probably have bought 8th but the price tag and the fact that I rarely play WHFB anymore has delayed the purchase, maybe 9th?

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Otherworld Giant and Barbarian

Otherworld Stone Giant, mainly dry brushed.

Plus a Barbarian by Grenadier (I think).