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Dragon - Part Two

Very limited progress this month.

I have cleaned up the base dragon but have not yet started pinning. In respect to the base I added some green stuff to give the impression the treasure was piled up on a dungeon floor.

Napoleonic Navel Eye Candy

Played a game of Napoleonic navel in February and managed to get a few ship pictures during the day.

Ships painted by Dudley.

Dragon - Part One

After a long quest I finally managed to land my hands on this:-

I would suggest that this dragon is firmly based off the dragon appearing on the original monster manuel.

My intention is to run a monthly progress report until he is done, starting hopefully in March with the unboxing, and work permitting the clean up.

I have also managed to paint up this Grenadier Mind Flayer

Not my favorite figure as I think it looks like he is dancing to some Heavy Disco, but another one off the lead pile.

A corpse of Vampires

Back before it was trendy I loved Vampires, the scary, evil serial killer types. Not your more modern shiny, vegetarian reformed serial killer types who have human girlfriends and deny their true nature. Think Salam's Lot, Dracula, Anno Dracula, 30 Days of Nights, Let the right one in, I am legend (which I must re-read), Martin the vampire, Ultraviolet, Near Dark, Byzantium, and perhaps the early Anne Rice stuff.

So over the years I seemed to have amassed and painted a few starting back with the original citadel FF58 - Vampire through to more modern such as Otherworld Miniatures more recent UD10 - Vampire.

I still have a few unpainted (in fact some still blister packed) but what follows is a gallery of the ones done to date.

2016 round up and plans for 2017

As Mark Level 2 will post a review of the year here is my run down:

Painting was fast in Q1 but slowed down for a total of 90 (94, 2015) figures. More would have been done with only 1 in December due to my house move. However I have been doing a lot of rebasing in particular my Darkest Africa stuff

WW2 Yanks 1 ( py 26)
Fantasy           55 (py 34)
Darkest Africa  22 (py6 )
WOTR               1 (py 2 - this project is not making progress)
Knight Models Avengers 8 - A totally unexpected project this one.
Modern Z's        3 (py 2)
90Games playedLion Rampant (3), last year 4
Songs of Blade and Heroes (1)
Darkest Africa using triumph and tragedy rules (see blog)Congo DBA Ancients Frostgrave (1)Dragon RampantAge of Sigmar
A few board and card games including Pandemic, Thunderbirds, Bang!, Munchkin and the ever reliable Six Nimmt.

Plans for 2016 - What did I actually do?
1) Fantasy - rebase my undead, and paint up more otherworld stuff including the dark elves currently on my table. Try the ot…