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A corpse of Vampires

Back before it was trendy I loved Vampires, the scary, evil serial killer types. Not your more modern shiny, vegetarian reformed serial killer types who have human girlfriends and deny their true nature. Think Salam's Lot, Dracula, Anno Dracula, 30 Days of Nights, Let the right one in, I am legend (which I must re-read), Martin the vampire, Ultraviolet, Near Dark, Byzantium, and perhaps the early Anne Rice stuff.

So over the years I seemed to have amassed and painted a few starting back with the original citadel FF58 - Vampire through to more modern such as Otherworld Miniatures more recent UD10 - Vampire.

I still have a few unpainted (in fact some still blister packed) but what follows is a gallery of the ones done to date.

Otherworld Miniatures

Citadel FF58

Dracula in Half Bat Form, - Westwind

Necrach - GW


Chinese Vampire - Westwind

Nosferatu - Westwind

Nosferatu - Westwind

Nosferatu - Westwind

Blood Dragon - GW

Von Carstein - GW

Dracula transitioning - Westwind

Vampire Lord - GW


pulpcitizen said…
Nice vampire montage. Good stuff. :)
wardy-la said…
Love these! Especially like the chinese 'hopping' vampire and the nosferatu.
Mike C said…
I'm not sure how I missed this post, but they are really cool.
Just reading Dracula Cha Cha Cha at the sec - so i might have to do a vampire too

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