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Roleplaying Background

Mark, recently posted a piece on early Runequest so I thought I’d add some thoughts as how I got into the hobby. Back in 1977 I joined King John School, Essex which had a games club run by a Mr Eagle. The original early games that I remember being involved in were war games, most notably,  MTB, and early WRG WW2 rules using 1/300th micro tanks, Modern British vs Russian  1/300th armour (no idea where they went), and Skytrex WW1 and WW2 aerial (again just where did those aircraft go?).

 But my imagination really took off when we started playing Dungeons and Dragons (presumably white box but I cannot remember). The first adventure I remember playing I was a barbarian fighter type who got into lots of trouble in an Inn and failed quite heroically trying to kick his way through a wattle and mud wall. Mr Eagle soon killed me off when I recklessly removed a spear from a statue only to be crushed as the roof fell on my head. Anyway I was hooked.
In the early eighties I attended a f…