Monday, 19 December 2011

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

So having now painted a fair number of fantasy figures there is a need to start to work out how they could be used. Mordheim initially springs to mind with a solid background and some nice terrain already build. My original plan was to use the figures as part of a D&D game but this still looks a long way off.

With my thoughts returning to old school gaming I have been toying with gladiatorial battles perhaps using the fantasy trip or one of the early old school games. This has now come around to possibly using 3rd (or 2nd) edition warhammer fantasy battle. 
These early rule sets certainly cover most of the creatures that I was thinking of using and of course I already own the rules. For 3rd edition I have the rulebook, siege, army lists and slaves to darkness. So plenty to be getting on with. I also have the box and booklet for Terror of the Lichemaster but the cardboard figures and most of the buildings are long gone.

However I do really like the later editions of WHFB, with a lot of fond memories occasionally wining with undead or empire when using 6th edition. Would probably have bought 8th but the price tag and the fact that I rarely play WHFB anymore has delayed the purchase, maybe 9th?

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Otherworld Giant and Barbarian

Otherworld Stone Giant, mainly dry brushed.

Plus a Barbarian by Grenadier (I think).

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Roleplaying Background

Mark, recently posted a piece on early Runequest so I thought I’d add some thoughts as how I got into the hobby. Back in 1977 I joined King John School, Essex which had a games club run by a Mr Eagle. The original early games that I remember being involved in were war games, most notably,  MTB, and early WRG WW2 rules using 1/300th micro tanks, Modern British vs Russian  1/300th armour (no idea where they went), and Skytrex WW1 and WW2 aerial (again just where did those aircraft go?).

 But my imagination really took off when we started playing Dungeons and Dragons (presumably white box but I cannot remember). The first adventure I remember playing I was a barbarian fighter type who got into lots of trouble in an Inn and failed quite heroically trying to kick his way through a wattle and mud wall. Mr Eagle soon killed me off when I recklessly removed a spear from a statue only to be crushed as the roof fell on my head. Anyway I was hooked.

In the early eighties I attended a few Games Fairs at the Royal Horticultural Hall and that was where I purchased the new advanced dungeons and dragons players hand book (PHB). I spent a lot of time playing the flying Buffalo Tunnels and Trolls solo dungeons and of course the fantasy trip (the original GURPS) which we used more for gladiatorial combat than anything else. Black box traveller (just after Star Wars had come out) and gamma world followed as Christmas presents. I did have Runequest but it did not have the same impact on me as Mark. Most of the games bought back then were ordered sight unseen via mail order after several days of nagging my mum to write me a check. These included, FGU’s Space Opera and Bushido

For me the game that changed the way we played was the original Call of Cthulhu which if I remember correctly cost me £18.95, back at a time when you could buy a pint, pack of crisps and still have change from a £1. However during this time the big game was really DnD with a lot of campaigns being run but actually few of the published scenarios, usually the games were home brewed scenarios or cribbed from the latest white dwarfs.

Notable games released during this period when I was buying (and reading) a system a month and on occasion one time playing 1-2 times/week including long sessions on Sundays were Skyrealms of Jorune, Pendragon, Ars Magica  Talistanta, Castle Falkenstein, Cyberpunk, Amber rpg and Vampire the Masquerade. I attended Euro Gen Con at Camber Sands and Loughborough and Reading Games Fair running a few games including the then innovative diceless Amber rpg.

At college I played with a few friends once or twice a week but the gaming changed when I went to university where my gaming dropped off a bit despite being an irregular  member of the university club with occasional games back home.

While living in Reading I ran some long DnD (2nd Edition) and WHFRP (Shadows over Bogenhaven) campaigns plus the occasional mega traveller and Paranoia. Then I returned back to Essex and rejoined the group that I had played with on and off for some 10-20 years and have played Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Wheel Of Time, DnD (3rd Edition), Call of Cthulhu  and now Rogue Trader (40k). More recently I tend to buy perhaps 1 or 2 rpgs/year (rather than a month) with recent purchases being DnD 4th edition, Aces and Eights and Trail of Cthulhu, D20  Modern, D20 Call Of Cthulhu and Hunter the reckoning, none of which I have run to date.

I still try to meet up for a game weekly although real life often gets in the way (for me or the others) and when we do get together we play a few board games as well as mixing up some rpg, such as Rogue Trader (40k), DnD (4th edition) Dark Sun and some Space 1889.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mordheim and other figures

Just a quick update on some recently painted figures

Citadel Vampire for Mordheim.

Otherworld Otuygh

Some westwind insane asylum inmates

 And finally some old Rafm Hunting horrors.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Avengers Assemble 1

About time I got around to these repaints of some heroclix figures I picked up some time ago. I have been a big fan of the Avengers since the early eighties and am only missing a few issues of the original series. Unfortunately the ones I am missing are the ones that cost the most.

I black wash the prepainted heroclix figure. Then base coat the colour I intend on using and highlight up. Still takes me around an hour.

They are based on a mix of pieces of slate (picked up off the road) and some filler. I was trying to get the impression hulk had just smashed into the ground from a jump.

I painted the base while the undercoat was drying (I was impatient), effectively blending the colours I dry brushed on together.

So first off the Incredible Hulk
Then Iron Man in a latter armour, I would prefer an earlier armour but am prepared to wait until the price is right.

Finally an old John Constantine figure (from Black Cat) with the hulk giving him some needed muscle (for scale).

Junta – Game review – a blast from the past

We have not played Junta for > 15 years and it was perhaps unsurprising how well it held up, given  the good memories of old games. In the old days when we played this game it was always fun but seemed to take an age to get finished. Particularly  during a coup  which always took at least an hour to complete. After this game we realised that perhaps part of this was due to the people we used to play with and their slow, methodical approach to decision making during a board game.

The rules were easily remembered and  although I am certain we made a few mistakes came back quite quickly. What with assassinations, bribes, 2 coups attempts, both successful, but one turncoat rebel spoiling the impact of the first one, occurring within 2 hours the game was a resounding success. To  cap it all after the initial jibes about not having any cash in my Swiss bank account and being assassinated for at least the first four turns I ended up winning.  I will take this victory even if I know it was helped by the misunderstanding about what time it was, and the fact that gave me an opportunity to bank a lot of cash in the last turn defended by two anti assassination cards (both needed).

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Grenadier Druid

Day off work and not much on so finished an old Grenadier Druid, recently bought from Marks collection.
Photgraphed indoors, macro with flash, still need to improve my photography.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Mansions of madness - Game Review

We played mountains of madness the other day the new call of Cthulhu based board game. Mark had played before and offered to act as keeper having set up a rather elaborate board before we arrived. The game was intuitive and lasted just under two hours. At one point it looked like the investigators had no chance as a Chthonian was summoned, and there were five Cultists lurking around, but due to a few shriving spells (and the fact that 2 cultists were sacrificed to summon the Chthonian) we soon destroyed it and won the day. Without the spell our choice of characters would have had no chance as we had no missile weapons and were physically weak. Playing again we would give careful consideration in respect of the mix of characters and skills.

During the game Paul was pointed out that he should act as if the shoggoth had not been summoned as his playing piece was not in the room concerned. Obviously tongue in cheek, but we did remind him that we would never win a board game if he played like that.

A feature I quite liked was the introduction of some physical puzzles which delayed the players if they could not quickly find the solution. The puzzles were simple but made difficult for us give the poor light we play under (which I had not really noticed before) which made it difficult to distinguish colours and some shapes/markers. Additionally one of our players is colour blind and he could not complete the puzzle he had, not really a problem as we just let someone else do it with his characters stats.

Overall a good game, with very high quality components, including a number of nice miniatures. Perhaps the format is a little too similar to a linear RPG adventure as in general A needed to be done before B however I can see this one coming out again.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Otherworld Treeman, mimics - and a focus to the blog

Diverted from the Kobolds, and having been away at the Latitude Music Festival I worked on an Otherworld Minatures tree man.

Painted with mainly GW paints, Base coated, Khemri Brown, with progressively lighter dry brushes of Kommando Karki and Dheneb stone I used a liberal was of Devlin Mud wash.

The beard was Dark angels green, with Catachan and goblin green highlights.

Foliage is woodland scenic’s clump foliage and some fine foliage together with some ivy from warlord games running up his leg. The background is a piece of scrachbuilt bocage.

Followed by two mimics which were a joy to paint, very old school.

Given my friends obsession with setting up blogs I have decided that this blog will concentrate on any fantasy figure painting from now on with my other forays being posted on the other blogs relevant to the subject matter. The intention is to post at least once a month.

Next plan is some otherworld Z's and a GW vampire to round out my mordheim undead warband.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Otherworld Ghouls

Painted on the back of a colour suggestions from a GW employee, but underocated white for a change. Bases are resin castings bought of the web.

Otherworld Kobolds and other

 A photo update of the kobolds completed over the last two weeks, depite being away working in Paris for 3 days and two trips to London.

 Plus a previously painted, Minataur, Owlbear and Demon

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Citadel Fine Cast and WHFB

Bob bought down one of the GW resin fine cast figures to the SEEMS club, which although well painted did not look like it was worth the £10 retail. Certainly I did not see enough extra detail to excite my interest. Incidentally he proved the non shaterability of the figure by nonchalantly throwing onto the table (covered by a thin cloth). I was glad to say it survived.

Unfortunately they ran a game of Orcs Vs Elves, looked like the elves won quite easily. I say unfortunately as I was tempted once again to the dark side, I must resist, to finish of my empire (or undead) and play this game, which I have enjoyed for a number of years.

Been Busy

Over the last two weeks I have been very busy so the hobby side has hit the back burner.

I have been working on some bases for my studio miniatures zombies. I am currently filing the bases supplied with model clay which hardens in 24hrs and either marking some groves to represent paving slabs or topping with sand to represent ash felt. The Z is then removed from his slotta tab and pinned to the base before undercoating.

Additionally I have been painting up some otherworld Kobolds which I built and based some time ago. The figures were stuck to the usual slotta base and then the base was covered with non branded wall filler. I then cut some random groves in the base to represent stone work before undercoating.

The figures are quite nice but come with separate hands/arms and can be quite fiddly to stick together.

Mark (wardy-la) mentioned he liked this figure so here’s a painted version done some time ago

I have also taken delivery of a bag of Cthulhu and plan on painting a few of these up (eventually?)

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Painting Update

Managed to finish most of the uncompleted stuff on my desk this week plus a few extras.

Firstly Darkest Africa explorers painted some time ago.

The balance of the Darkest Africa women explorers

An old school Citadel Elf Mage
Citadel Hook Horror which I have had since it was released in the 80's

A couple of citadel snakes off of ebay a few months ago, followed by two Vampire Wars wolfs, quite possibly to be used for mordhiem as part of the undead warband.

And finally my last batch of metal saxons, with Gripping Beast shield transfers, blended in with a bit of paint (you can just see the line where the transfer ends on the blue shield).

Now I just need to decide on one project

Friday, 27 May 2011

Projects in progress

What with otherworld miniatures ( having a 20% off sale and my eclectic painting table I thought I would pin down exactly what my projects/targets are for 2011.

Projects I want to complete but I have no idea what I will do with them once I have a significant number of figures painted

Otherworld/D&D painting is a childhood project which now my painting standard has improved I feel capable of making some steps with. No idea what I will do with the figures once they are painted though. Just know I am buying them faster than I am painting. I will add to this my collection of Dark Sun figures which I would like to paint some time.

Modern zombie apocalypse, been working on this with the odd Z for numerous year, now there are loads of rule sets and figures available I should really finish off the 44 I have, giving me around 100 z’s,  my biker gang and a few others.

Mordheim, sort of ties in with D&D, need to finish a warband or 3, Undead, Middenheimer and Marienburgher and maybe even skaven, and orc with the figures I have lying around

Call of Cthulhu, again a number of figures already finished  and around 25 plus a Lioger to paint. There are some interesting looking rules sets out there, but not certain I really need any. Need to target exactly what I want to do once I finish the ones I have. One thing I am certainly missing is some robbed cultists.

My set of GW 40k adventurers, probably no more than 20 figures, just I would like to get them painted. Again no practical gaming use.

Gothic  Horror, similar to above with a number of figures already painted but based in the 1890’s rather than 1920’s. I have a batch to paint before I would need to decide exactly what I am going to do with them.

Part completed projects which are currently on the back burner:-

Sudan, just 12 mounted Dervish to do to complete a rather sizable force. Also waiting for the Perry plastic Dervish before adding more, then maybe some Egyptians.

WW2 skirmish, low level in 28mm, British completed. Bolt Action plastic Germans to build and paint but other guys I know are faster painters and have already started their Germans. So I can afford to hold off on this for a while

ACW 25mm skirmish using Two fat Lardies terrible sharp sword, 20 miniatures painted but stalled. Probably need 24 cavalry and further 40 foot, and may be a c\non or two to finish this one off.

Back of Beyond Chinese, around 40 figures done but no enthusiasm for more at the moment

Warhammer or HOTS undead and Empire armies

Ended(?) Projects:-

6mm WSS, 2 forces finished, French and British but no one dice thrown in anger.

15mm Sudan, no idea why I started this but base figures done for Peter Pigs Patrols in the Sudan
Saxons, painted up 20 Saxons for a skirmish game, have some Gripping Beast Saxons to stick together and paint but will hold off on this for a while

Projects not started

WW1, early war or even late war with trenches, most interested in this period reading wise but only have 2 figures so far.

VBCW, just looks interesting and great fun, maybe my 2012 project.

Ancients, Roman vs British, ECW and ACW however, doubt I’ll ever start these.

Zulu wars, curses to Empress Miniatures and their plans for plastic Zulus.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Painting Bench Update

The proof of my inability to focus is on the painting table. The following 75% finished figures, 3 Saxons, 2 modern zombies, 3 Darkest africa, 1 Elf mage (who has been there at least 4 months).

Also one modern character in a wheelchair (a very welcome gift), one sudan mounted dervish, 1 acw figure (think he is there as I found him on the floor), 2 snakes, 2 wolfs a vampire and a dreg (for mordheim).

That ignores anything within reaching distance.....

Anyway a picture of a recent darkest Africa female explorer,

Monday, 16 May 2011

AWI Game pictures

Just some eye candy from Saturdays ACW game in East Bergholt. None painted by me, but most are certainly by someone just a bit more talented.