Painting Bench Update

The proof of my inability to focus is on the painting table. The following 75% finished figures, 3 Saxons, 2 modern zombies, 3 Darkest africa, 1 Elf mage (who has been there at least 4 months).

Also one modern character in a wheelchair (a very welcome gift), one sudan mounted dervish, 1 acw figure (think he is there as I found him on the floor), 2 snakes, 2 wolfs a vampire and a dreg (for mordheim).

That ignores anything within reaching distance.....

Anyway a picture of a recent darkest Africa female explorer,


wardy-la said…
The 'female explorer' is probably one of your best ever pieces of work Andrew - the face detail is incredible! "Pro" painters eat your heart out (a bit like the rather tasty zombies you have there)
Furt said…
Agreed - the eyes in particular are very good. Keep up the great work.


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