Painting Update

Managed to finish most of the uncompleted stuff on my desk this week plus a few extras.

Firstly Darkest Africa explorers painted some time ago.

The balance of the Darkest Africa women explorers

An old school Citadel Elf Mage
Citadel Hook Horror which I have had since it was released in the 80's

A couple of citadel snakes off of ebay a few months ago, followed by two Vampire Wars wolfs, quite possibly to be used for mordhiem as part of the undead warband.

And finally my last batch of metal saxons, with Gripping Beast shield transfers, blended in with a bit of paint (you can just see the line where the transfer ends on the blue shield).

Now I just need to decide on one project


wardy-la said…
Particularly like the Elf mage and the wargs.

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