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Otherworld Treeman, mimics - and a focus to the blog

Diverted from the Kobolds, and having been away at the Latitude Music Festival I worked on an Otherworld Minatures tree man.

Painted with mainly GW paints, Base coated, Khemri Brown, with progressively lighter dry brushes of Kommando Karki and Dheneb stone I used a liberal was of Devlin Mud wash.

The beard was Dark angels green, with Catachan and goblin green highlights.

Foliage is woodland scenic’s clump foliage and some fine foliage together with some ivy from warlord games running up his leg. The background is a piece of scrachbuilt bocage.

Followed by two mimics which were a joy to paint, very old school.

Given my friends obsession with setting up blogs I have decided that this blog will concentrate on any fantasy figure painting from now on with my other forays being posted on the other blogs relevant to the subject matter. The intention is to post at least once a month.

Next plan is some otherworld Z's and a GW vampire to round out my mordheim undead warband.


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