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No Zombies Done but did go to SELWG

Next to no painting done for over a week. Went to Selwg over the weekend which was good as usual although once again seemed to be fewer people there and this year it was only on tow floors. Bought a number of pieces of painted terrain, including a 25mm Church, Barricades for Mordhiem and 3 15mm far east buildings fro Patrols in the sudan.

Was also tempted by some lovely 25mm Colonial flags but at £4 each felt they were just a bit too expensive.

I did try to avoid buying figures but fell into the trap of finally buying some 25mm Bolt Action Miniatures ww2 British, which I based this morning.

Target over the next week or so is to paint up the WW2 British and return to the PITS British, who’s original target date for completion was end October.


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