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An Update - Last post got lost

Not done too much in way of gaming. Finished off a few more jungle terrain area’s and toyed with buying some GW jungle terrain as I am finding it difficult to find anyone who is supplying decent alternatives. The £20 price is daunting.

Still being tempted by Starship Trooper miniatures game and might have sourced a cheap copy, fingers crossed.

Darkest Africa

My Masai now own spears as I managed to get a batch of ebay. Only problem is now I have 42 more figures to paint. Will probably buy the Masai village from Grand Manner at Selwg

Club Game

Play ACW the other night in an interesting defensive position which was difficult to hold. Fortunately the British held their scots back superbly but when breaching the second defensive position did not get enough men in support and with the aid of our unusually effective Militia we managed to hold and win the game.


Target this weekend is to finish off the Mordheim Buildings, probably 2-3 hours work.


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New set of Mordheim Buildings

Last month I finished off my second set of GW Mordheim buildings. Both sets now complete, just need to get around to playing some games.

Some Norkers

Some old Citadel Miniatures Fiend Folio AD&D Norkers

Dragon - Part Two

Very limited progress this month.

I have cleaned up the base dragon but have not yet started pinning. In respect to the base I added some green stuff to give the impression the treasure was piled up on a dungeon floor.