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Monday Morning Update


Not too much time spent over the weekend, mainly due to DIY distractions. Did manage to finish the Mordheim buildings and have mostly finished the bases for the last set of trees that I have that are not based. Once this is done all the terrain I have will be fully painted. At SELWG aim will be to buy some Middle East buildings which I will paint up ASAP.

So I now need to make a decision on what I am going to get up to next.

Obvious choices are to finish the 2 Cold Wars Zombies I still have and to base and undercoat the Masai.

If I get starship troopers the bugs will be near the top of any list.

Pics of jungle and Mordheim town will go up soon.


wardy-la said…
excellent looking buildings - I am looking foward to the Zombies though!!

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