Sunday, 18 November 2012

Rust Monsters, Mummies and a few adventurers

The party face off against the Rust Monsters
Otherworld Rust Monster

Otherworld Rust Monster 2

Otherworld Mummy 

Otherworld Mummy

Citadel preslotta fantasy adventurere wizard

Preslotta Dwarf, possibly Asgard?

Citadel Slotta Ranger

Citadel Demon of Slanesh

Last of the 3 human Zombies form Otherworld

Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Mighty Avengers

As I now own virtually all of the Avengers (Still mising issue 11, although I have it in reprint) I am going to start re reading them and posting some views and opinons. Some of these issues I would have only read once while others have been read and read. Should be fun revisiting them.

I originally discoverd the Avengers with the UK reprint title launched in 1972, which of course came with some free superhero transfers that I remember keeping on the side around at home for years before finally surcoming to thier siren call and using them.. This reprinted issue started with issue 4 of the American comics and it was some years before I read the first 3 issues,