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2015 Round-Up and Plans for 2016

In the spirit of Mark Level 2 review of the year here is my run down:

Painting was fast in Q1 but slowed down for a total of 94 figures

WW2 Yanks 26
Fantasy          34
Saxons          12
ECW                 9
Darkest Africa  6
WOTR               2
Cthulhu Horror  3
Modern Z's        2

Games played

Lion Rampant (4)
Songs of Blade and Heroes (3)

Darkest Africa using triumph and tragedy rules (see blog)
Sudan using TSATF
Chain of command
Space Hulk (1)
Frostgrave (1)

And a couple of club skirmish games, wild west and hostage rescue
Dr Who run by Mark
Age of Marlborough

And a few other at cons or on the weekends

Plans for 2016?

1) Fantasy - rebase my undead, and paint up more otherworld stuff including the dark elves currently on my table. Try the otherworld miniatures skirmish rules and dragon rampant.

2) Finish my Saxons for Lion Rampant - not many to go now and the end is in sight.

3) Play Strange Aeons, which I picked up recently hence the 3 cthulhu horror figures (more to come in 2016)

4) Matt varnish some of my older figures that look too glossy.

5) Avoid any more projects.

) Avoid buying any more rules

7) Maybe paint up that biker gang I have been promising myself for Dark Future/Zombie apocalypse.

New projects/rules

1) I did paint a few ECW for the Witchfinder General rules from Dashing Dice Games and need to pick up some foundry witches and paint a few more.

2) I have an urge to paint up the Rogue Trader 40k group for the rpg group, only 5 figures but certainly a divergence



pulpcitizen said…
Best of luck with your 2016 hobby plans. :)
wardy-la said…
Good stuff Andrew, we must try out Strange Aeons and Witchfinder this year but other than that, its fantasy from you, Dredd/15mm scifi from Rob and modern/horror from me 😊
Mike C said…
Lots of Lion's/Dragon's Rampant planned for next year then? Sounds good to me :)

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