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Project Zulu – 2006

Back in 1987 I started toying with doing some colonial wargaming but my will was not strong. Over the last few years I’ve started painting irregularly and to a good standard.

So for 2006 I thought I’d go for just one plan and stick to it. Obviously it should be finish off my Sudan stuff or go for a more formal Modern Zombies game or Back of Beyond, or finish my Warhammer Empire army, or 15mm PITS stuff.

But no, harking back to my 1987 interest in the Zulu wars I have decided that my first six months of 2006 will be building a Zulu and British army for DBA. That’s apx 72 figures in 6 months, well within my capability. I’ve already test painted 3 zulu’s and am quite pleased with the results. Plan is to paint the figures and then base them, hopefully making the bases reasonably scenic.

The plan is no figure purchases 2006 until I finish the Zulu’s.

The other army that will be finished is my 15mm DBA moors.

The second project for 2006 will then be Sudan using Perry miniature British and camel riders.


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