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Avengers Assemble

Phase 1 avengers now complete. Not all in the correct unifrom but as good as I could get for a very small cost:-

Individually we have the Hank Pym the Ant Man (also present as Giant Man/Goliath)
And a not so well painted Thor
All based on bits of scrap slate picked off of someones drive. Broken up with a hammer. Interestingly this can be drilled so offered up a bit more flexibility than I originally thought.

Next batch are the phase two avengers (Caps Kooky Quartet) and lesser lights, Black Widow (not officially a member for some time after her early appearances), QuickSilver, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Hercules. Which ignoring the traitorous Wonder Man and Swordsman take me up to the period before Black Panther joined, followed by the Vision and Yellow Jacket would mean I have covered all members up until issue 100 (and I have a Mantis and Beast somewhere), which if I am correct would take me up until around 150.


wardy-la said…
Awesome stuff Andrew!

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