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Final Headcount

Last post for the year in total I have managed 154 figures, virtually three every week despite a lot of travel with work (over 20 outbound flights this year). I also managed to mainly stick to projects in hand and not buy many figures.

I have the otherworld miniatures indiegogo figures but still waiting the second batch. I love these figures and would have bought more if not put off by the delays with the indiegogo delivery.

So totals for the year are:-

Call Of Cthulhu
Darkest Africa
Modern Zombies
Fantasy RPG

The call of cthulhu stuff is mainly 1920's adventurers which I finished off, but also include a few monsters, pictures will follow.
Gaiming wise apart from SEEMS I played in 6-8 games including WW2 skirmish using the TWAT rules and a Sudan TSATF, which I negected to take pictures of.
For 2014, I have a few projects, which I should finish off, that do not require any cash investment:-

1) Saxon warband for Saga . These can also be used for FRP as generic humans so should get cone.

2) Remainder of WW2 Yanks. Not really certain why I started these but I should aim to polish them off.

3) Modern Zombies, I have a whole stack of these painted and a load more ready to go (undercoated) so should be a quick finish.

4) More Masai, really would like to get these done but my enthusiasm waxes and wans

5) More Fantasy stuff, thinking of completing an A to Z of the DnD original monster Manuel, plus of course Mordheim and other WHFB stuff.

New Projects tempting me, which would require an investment:-

1) VBCW loads of nice stuff out there, but I own nothing.

2) AK47 I have painted a base of this up but have rsisited furthur temptation.

3) ECW skirmish, maybe mixed with horror. I have around 40 figures to be getting on wiht so maybe.

4) A unit of UNIT for Dr Who, just because I fancy it using the Gripping Beast MOFO figures,

5) 30-40 Union for skirmishing my Reb's
Anyway all the best for the new year.



Michael Awdry said…
2014 looks like a promising year already, all the very best!
wardy-la said…
Happy New Year Andrew, keep up the good work and post more in 2014!

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