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Helping Hands 3

Third of the monthly posting of the other world Henchman in conjunction with Duke of the Blood Keep and Minis by Finch

This time it's the turn of the poor donkey, carrying an excess of adventurer baggage.

I have tried feathering the body of the donkey with the intention of showing up the texture of the hairs but I am uncertain how effective it is. Similarly with the white underbody, I am wondering if I have gone too far down the legs.

As a bonus I painted the Cerepod (or Grell for the original Fiend Folio), the poor donkey is doomed. The Cerepod is painted in similar colours to the one on the otherworld site which having looked up its entry in the Fiend Folio are not strictly speaking authentic!

In addition ahead of starting on my Drow and Driders I have test painted two old GW Demonettes. Clearly the grey one is the test paint (however stupidly I forgot to note which grey I started with), the pink one was to try out some new paints.

I tried something new with the eyes being bleached bone washed with a blue ink.


Finch said…
Well done. You've succeeded in making the coat look quite shaggy. I agree w you on the white belly/legs.
Chris Bowler said…
Great work, although the Grell in particular stands out from this months minis! I like the blending on the tentacles.
wardy-la said…
Lovely work on the horses coat.

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