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Helping Hands 7 - The squire

Seventh of the monthly posting of the other world Henchman in conjunction with Duke of the Blood Keep and Minis by Finch 

Old Citadel Giant Snail - Terrifying!
Thanks to this challenge I actually finished an otherworld figure. At the moment I am lagging behind on what I want to do, despite having nearly 2 weeks off.

The squire started as a chore to get done but after breaking the back of the figure I eventually learnt to love him.Hopefully the next two in the challenge will be easier.
Otherworld Evil Wizard

My total figure count for 2015 is going to be 192 and has stuck to mainly to my main on going projects:-

D&D Adventures 97
Darkest Africa     67
US WW2             22
Call of Cthulhu       6

Total                   192

Unfortunately the distraction into WW2 prevented me finishing my masai (19 to go).

For 2015 the intention is to finish the yanks  20 odd to go, the Masai and to carry on with the D&D stuff. I am also considering pushing out the remainder of my moderns z's but time will tell.

Unfortunately I did get a job lot of around 500 war of the roses figures for next to nothing (roughly 3 years paining) and am tempted by the Lion Rampant rules.Other potential distractions are my ECW skirmish horror project (figures in a box somewhere) and to finish of my Saxons for Saga.


Michael Awdry said…
More great characters, that snail is a wonderful sculpt. Happy New Year Sir.
Chris Bowler said…
Nice clean work on the Squire. Keep up the pace for 2015 and you'll get through everything :) maybe....

Happy New Year! :)

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