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Helping Hands 11 - Spear Merc

Eleventh  of the monthly posting of the other world Henchman in conjunction with Duke of the Blood Keep and Minis by Finch Only one more to do plus of course the obligatory group shot.

Counting my fantasy adventurers the other day I realized I had nearly 100 painted so in theory I never need to paint another one as in all likelihood I will be using no  more than 10 at one time.

The spear armed Merc has the same armour as the last one but this time for the flesh I have used the foundry 3 stage flesh triad that I picked up at salute and quite like this morning (I hated it last night). 

I nearly missed the deadline this month despite having completed most of this figure a month or two ago. Overall this is only the second figure I have painted this month compared to 25 in January when I finished my Yanks. Hopefully my painting enthusiasm will kick start as I have loads to do with two new projects ready to be painted, mainly ECW and Lion Rampant WOTRs. 

This of course ignores all the fantasy stuff I have to do and modern zombies etc. And of course I am aiming to get enough undead done by Christmas in time for Dragon Rampant.


Chris Bowler said…
He looks great and ready for adventure, for some reason mine came out looking rather bored!
Finch said…
Top notch, Ant Master. Very well done.

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