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2017 painted figures

Grenadier Undead Dragon 

C34 Elementals from 1984

FF49 Citadel Giant Spider

Otherworld Miniatures Myconid King and followers

Otherworld miniatures DM33 – Xorn

Otherworld Miniatures DD3 – Type I Demon

Otherworld miniatures DD7 – Lemures  

Otherworld Miniatures Familiars

Grenadier Miniatures 2004 Hirelings (box set)

Citadel WF3 Complete Adventurer

Citadel WF3 Complete Adventurer

 Citadel WF3 Complete Adventurer

Citadel Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichemaster


Mike C said…
They are brilliant - be great to see your stuff more regularly.

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