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2018 Taking Stock

I did not do a plan for 2018 so I will review my 2017 plan here as it is in line and talk about the last two years:-

2019 Targets

1) Darkest Africa Belgium's for MWWBK and DITDK.

2) Dungeon terrain. I have started the adventures camp from Otherworld and need to work through the two boxes of mantic Dungeon and City Terrain

3) Schedule some painting for my Fantasy stuff, 

4) No new projects, although, Egyptions for the Sudan, 70s africa, Pulp, 15mm AK47, Cold War Hot are all calling me

5) continue to sell the excess including in all likelihood my huge WOTR collection.

2018 Painting

Was a highly respectable (for me) 173 figures, mostly finishing off/working towards old projects

Darkest Africa 78
WW2 British 40
WW2 British Vehicles 12
Fantasy 30
Terrain 5
Modern Z's  4
BOB/1920s 4

I also bought a Tembe that will see action in 2019

A review of 2017/2018 Targets

1) More Fantasy stuff, I will aim to rebase my Empire for Dragon Rampant, and build an Undead Dragon Rampant army, but I need some beasts (Dracolich, Undead Giants), perhaps my only purchases excluding old school fantasy and terrain, again no rules.

Empire remain unbased but undead are done and include a Zombie Skeletal Dragon

2) Darkest Africa, paint up enough so that I have one of each of the four main columns for Congo.


3) Perhaps some Modern Z's or even some Sci Fi figures.

Modern Zs bought and painted up the Walking Dead starter set but still have a fair few to paint. I also re based them so they are now consistent

4) Plan and play a game of Otherworld skirmish and the overdue Strange Aeon.

Nope - 2 years and counting.

5) Post at least 12 updates on this blog in 2017


6) No new projects

Yes, so far

7) Continue rationalising and selling off my older stuff, including my rpg collection.

Yes and it continues.


Michael Awdry said…
Best of luck with the new targets.

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