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Zombtober 2

My second post for Zomtober. M y aim will be to do more than the minimum but its a bit busy at the moment.

My second subject is an old Citadel Zombie C18 Deadringer square based although as I said I am toying with moving him to a circle base as most of my other stuff is already on circles. That is why there is no flock.

Painted the same time as the last entry he is newly dead with a normal flesh tone and dripping blood, with a lot of his skin torn off free showing skeletal arms.

Only took me some 20+ years to finally get around to painting.

Zombtober Information

The detail behind  zombtober can be found on Pulpcitizen's post HERE. (Also the source of the banner at the top.) but the rules are simple. To take part you just need to paint one Zombie or Survivor (or more!) each week, in any scale you like, posting it to your blog by the Sunday (we use Sunday's as the end of each Zomtober week). So that means one or more minis each week on or before the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th of October 2015.

Others chasing the dream are:-

Zomtober 2015 blog roll:
  1. Fantorical - Blaxkleric
  2. Fiends in Waistcoats - Robert Audin
  3. Minis by Finch - Finch
  4. Chris' Miniature Woes - Chris Hird
  5. Metal Skirmish - PMMDJ
  6. 28mm Victorian Warfare - Michael Awdry
  7. Never Mind The Jankers! - Roy Williamson
  8. Cheaphammer!!! - Kieron
  9. Deviant Designs Deeds - Ant Master
  10. The Rusty Dagger - Pierce
  11. Game Mayhem - Nobody667


pulpcitizen said…
Another classic, and again well done. :)

Glad to see Zomtober motivating you to get these classic minis painted. :)
Michael Awdry said…
Another wonderful addition, I love the twisted pose.
Bob Kinnear said…
More old skool cool! I love it!
Bob Kinnear said…
More old skool cool right there dude! Very nice!
Finch said…
Nicely done, Ant Master.
Roy Williamson said…
Very nice. There's plenty of character to those old sculpts

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